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Dental Tourism For Australia Citizens

Australia citizens from Perth Sydney Melbourne New South Wales flock Dr Nechupadam Dental Clinic  to imlrove their bites and smiles for majorly three reasons 
1: The exponential costs of dental treatment which is almost 5 to 10 times or 500% higher than treatment in Kerala. 
2: The treatments require more time and more visits to the dentist which needs long waiting periods.
3: The treatment most of the time requires to move from one specialist to another if multiple procedures are to be done.
4: Most australians love Kerala as destination for relaxing and having ayurvedic and naturopathic treatments. 
5. Quality of care and treatment results 
Hear some of the testimonies of Australian Tourists that did  Full mouth rehabilitation Nechupadam Dental
FROM New South Wales
FROM Perth Australia
Most of the people come for root canal treatments crowns bridges implants and now a days even invisalign. 
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